For a minimum of 20 hours a week, preferably full-time.

Wil jij als accountant onze missie ondersteunen? Dan gaan wij graag met je in gesprek.

Job description

As Accountant, you'll support the assistant accountants with the preparation of annual accounts and other administrative processes. You'll build trust-based relationships with our clients and advise them on administrative, business and tax matters. You'll also flag up developments that could be important for our clients.

Accountancy expertise and experience are the main requirements. Commercial ability is welcome, but not essential, because the team is already strong in that area.

Job requirements

  • You must be a registered accountant.
  • You must be able to work well in a state-of-the-art automated environment with systems such as Exact Online.
  • Working in a commercial, operational setting for an organisation with a community ethic must appeal to you.


  • It's important that you are willing and able to work on an egalitarian basis with people who sometimes communicate in socially unconventional ways. Diversity means a lot to us.
  • Empathy and patience.
  • Decisiveness and a sense of responsibility.

Company Profile

Peer is a Social Enterprise. Peer's goal is to create permanent jobs based at our offices for highly trained talent in need of a helping hand. That description applies to eight of our twelve team members – although at Peer we believe everyone comes with their own 'instruction manual'. Our line-up includes registered refugees, employees who return to the labour market after severe burnout and people with occupational disabilities such as autism spectrum disorders. Peer has a strong team spirit. Our motto is: if everyone does what they're good at, together we can do anything.

Peer's regular business operations are financed by commercial earnings. Modest charitable funding is available for special projects. We have a strong client portfolio consisting of medium-sized Social Enterprises and care organisations, up to about 75 FTEs.

For more information, please call or mail Otto Reuchlin, 06 432 89 460, Reageren bij voorkeur voor 17 februari. De eerste gesprekken met geïnteresseerden worden gepland in de week van 22 februari.

Terms of employment

We determine these in consultation. Payroll, freelance or partnership are all an option.