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Our social mission

We're a team of highly trained and talented accountants, assistant accountants and tax specialists. We attach great importance to personal, honest service, and we are socially engaged.

Peer creates permanent jobs based at our offices for highly trained talent in need of a helping hand.

We're about more than just delivering quality services: job satisfaction is also a priority. We believe in entrepreneurship with a heart and soul, and in an inclusive society. A society where there's a place for people who have temporarily dropped out of the jobs market for personal reasons, for those with disabilities, and for refugees. After an introductory period, our staff are employed on permanent contracts, so they get the chance to make a real contribution.

Many of our clients are looking to grow their businesses, which are typically community-oriented companies, charities and care foundations, up to about 75 FTEs. Our clientele reflects who we are: entrepreneurs with a community ethic.

Recognised Social Enterprise

We are a well-known and widely recognised social enterprise. We are affiliated with Social Enterprise NL, have been awarded the PSO 30+ certificate , and are in the process of securing recognition under the Social Enterprise Code. We also publish an annual impact statement.

Get to know our team

Anh-Hao Tran

Tax Consultant

I work at Peer because I enjoy supporting clients with their tax affairs, and because the social ethos is important to me. It's 'ethical' work and I have great colleagues. Away from work, I enjoy gaming, solving Rubik’s Cubes and building spreadsheets.

Fedor Boere

Fedor Boere

Assistent accountant

I am a keen cyclist and therefore always cycle to work. Alongside my work at Peer, I'm doing an ICT course at the Open University. I hope to have my bachelor’s degree soon. What I really like about Peer is its day-to-day structure and the opportunity for personal development.
Nellie van den Berg

Nellie van den Berg


In mijn functie bij Peer komt alles samen uit voorgaande jaren: werken in de accountancy, het coachen van hooggevoelige mensen en het samenwerken vanuit een sociale visie op basis van respect en gelijkwaardigheid. Ik ben graag in de natuur en wandel en fiets dan ook vaak in de duinen, het bos en langs zee. Daarnaast houd ik van lezen, dansen, zingen en pianospelen.

Zaher Kwefatieh

Bookkeeping Coordinator

At Peer I get every opportunity for professional and social development. Coming from a different cultural background, I have learned a lot about Dutch culture since joining Peer. Speaking your mind, for instance.
With our first child on the way, my partner and I are hoping to buy our own home in the next few years.
Otto Reuchlin

Otto Reuchlin

Peer Founder and Culture Custodian

My goal at Peer is to enable every team member to make a tangible contribution to society. The best way for people to contribute is through meaningful paid employment. That’s why I founded Peer. 'Belonging' has been a theme in my own life, too.
In my free time, I do some road cycling and 5Rhythms dancing. I also go to Amsterdam's Concertgebouw concert hall on Saturday afternoons to enjoy modern classical music.
Nick Buisman

Nick Buisman

Payroll Administrator, Patient Associations Account Manager, Staff Coach

I feel lucky to work at Peer and strongly identify with the organisation's core values: courtesy, commitment and sustainability. I think it's important to treat people with consideration, and I feel a real bond both with my colleagues and with our clients.
I enjoy spending my free time with my grandchildren, following current events or reading thrillers (with the occasional bit of literary fiction thrown in). I also like the odd game of wheelchair tennis.
Ben Kwast

Ben Kwast

Trainee Assistant Accountant

After 36 years in IT and market research, I decided to go in a completely new direction: bookkeeping. It's not as crazy as it sounds; I’ve always had a feel for numbers.
You'll often find me at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and Muziekgebouw concert halls. I enjoy the works of Wagner, Bruckner and Mahler immensely, as well as Tchaikovsky and Dvořák’s symphonies and modern classical music.
Nelleke Schuur

Nelleke Schuur

Operationeel manager

Het mooie aan Peer vind ik de missie van het bedrijf en het sociale hart. Ik heb het grootste deel van mijn leven gewerkt voor maatschappelijk betrokken organisaties en Peer sluit daar goed bij aan. Ik vind het een mooie uitdaging om het menselijke en het organisatorische samen te brengen en bij te dragen aan de hoffelijke dienstverlening van Peer.
In mijn vrije tijd ga ik graag naar de bioscoop of naar het theater, maak ik veel tijd voor familie en vrienden. Verder heb ik een brede interesse in persoonlijke en spirituele ontwikkeling en volg ik graag lezingen en cursussen op dat vlak.

Due to the covid crisis, we have not yet been able to portray all employees.

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