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Het team van Peer bestaat uit hoogopgeleide (assistent)accountants en fiscalisten. We werken veelal voor maatschappelijk gedreven middelgrote ondernemingen, goede doelenstichtingen en zorgorganisaties. Vaak zijn dit organisaties die de ambitie hebben om door te groeien.

The Peer team is made up of highly trained accountants, assistant accountants and tax specialists. We work mostly for community-oriented organisations, charities and care organisations, up to about 75 FTEs. Our clients are often organisations with growth ambitions.

We don't second our personnel to client organisations: our staff are based at our offices, or work smoothly from home where that's appropriate during the pandemic.

We support patient organisations working to improve the quality of both care and life for vulnerable people. Peer understands our perspective and supports us in a friendly, professional way.

Joos Vaessens


Our language lessons for non-native speakers allow everyone to feel at home in the Netherlands. Peer provides us with invaluable business advice. Essential for any growing company.

Annelies Braams


Our community ethic

Peer creates permanent jobs based at our offices for highly trained talent in need of a helping hand.

At Peer, we believe in entrepreneurship with a heart and soul, and in an inclusive society. A society where there's a place for people who have temporarily dropped out of the jobs market for personal reasons, for those with occupational disabilities, and for refugees.

We don’t believe in disability. We focus on what you can do, not what you can't, so you can maximise your contribution.

Social Enterprise

We are a recognised Social Enterprise and are affiliated with: